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Healing Heeled

Heal. Love. Self. Move.

Healing Heeled was birthed out the gain of an angel child during a traumatic experience. At the age of 21 Jayda, then, didn't love or value herself and ended up in a toxic relationship and in a life or death situation due to medical negligence of doctors. 


After not healing her trauma mentally, she decided to physically heal her self by pursuing dance in and out of college and added a new accessory to the picture, heels. 

During the metamorphosis of Jayda becoming a woman, the power of movement in heels in rooms filled with women who's messages were only empowering gave her the confidence to explore deep within, develop high levels of self love and worth, and equip herself with tools neccasary to know that she is WORTHY. 

Jayda's mission is not only to build a supportive community for Angel Moms, but also to help anyone who wants to become more CONFIDENT. 


If you are looking for Confidence mixed with Grace.. You've come to the right place.

Committed to Personal Development

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